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TRANSLUCENT SHEETING » rooflite products

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Rooflite® Fibreglass

Rooflite® Fibreglass is a quality translucent fibre reinforced polyester sheet, manufactured in Domestic Grade 1200gsm and 1800gsm as well as Industrial Grades 2400gsm, 3050gsm, 3660gsm, 4200gsm and 4800gsm (gsm = grams per square metre). The sheet is produced using quality Estarez resin (UV stabilised) and is backed by a 5-year warranty for Domestic Grades and 10-year warranty for Industrial Grades.

Rooflite® Warranty Plus

This is a Premium Grade, long-life fibre, reinforced polyester sheeting. It is available in Industrial Grades 2400gsm and over in all profiles. The sheet is produced to the highest standards using quality Estarez resin (UV stabilised) and laminated with premium Melinex film. The product is backed with a 25-year performance warranty against delamination and fibre show.

Rooflite® Galcool

Rooflite® Galcool is specialised Heat Reducing fibre reinforced polyester sheeting designed for Industrial, Commercial and Domestic areas where maximum with minimum heat is required.

The sheet is produced using premium quality raw materials and latest technology resin and surface films. Each panel allows light transmission of 38% and heat reduction of up to 70%. This is achieved by the fusion of a 25-micron Ultra White polyester film prior to the profile forming and oven curing process, giving the finished product superior heat reflection and a clean, aesthetically pleasing product with even light distribution. The product is backed by a 20-year performance warranty.

Rooflite® FR

Rooflite® FR is a high quality premium translucent fibre reinforced polyester sheeting produced specifically to meet the requirements where improved smoke properties are required. The sheet is manufactured
using a wax free polyester resin designed for low smoke
generation during fire. The sheeting also has improved weathering over standard roof sheeting when specified with 389

The Rooflite® manufacturing plant located at Wetherill Park in Sydney, employs the latest raw materials and processes to produce an extensive range of quality products for all applications including domestic, commercial and industrial sheeting. Rooflite products are synonymous with quality and service. Using the latest component material technology and design innovation, our manufacturing process conforms to AS/NZS 4256.3:1994.

Rooflite® GelCoat Ultratec

Rooflite GelCoat Ultratec Fibreglass is a high quality general purpose FRP that has been introduced due to the longevity of the product, it has been the main stay of the marine industry for many years and has now been developed in conjunction with Nuplex Composites and Galaxy Rooflite technical departments for the roofing industry. Both the exposed and the underside surfaces are protected by high adhesion surface coating films this combined with the 100um GelCoat coating to the top of the sheet makes for a premium product

This proven system is backed by a 25 year performance warranty. Available in a wide range of profiles, Galaxy Rooflite fiberglass is the sensible choice for cost effective roof skylight and wall applications.

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Metroll Product Guide

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