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Roofing & cladding » Metlok® 700 installation hints

Download METLOK® 700 Technical Specs

installation hints


Metroll supplies METLOK® 700 sheeting cut to order as required depending on load limit regulations set by the relevant local transport authority.

Lengths to be manufactured need to be site measurements, not those taken off plans.

Availability & Delivery

You can help us to supply your material in good order by ensuring that you have made suitable arrangements to have your goods unloaded from our trucks. When lifting long lengths by crane please ensure that the sheet load is evenly spread. Where a crane cannot be made available it is the customer’s responsibility to provide sufficient labour to assist the driver in unloading.

Handling of Material

When handling METLOK® 700 care should be taken at all times to preserve the quality of the finish. Packs should be kept dry and stored above ground on dunnage whilst on site. If sheets do become wet, these need to be separated, wiped and placed in the open air to dry.

Walking on Sheeting

When walking on METLOK® 700 roof sheeting always wear flat rubber soled shoes and only walk over areas where you have purlin or batten supports. The specified walking path on METLOK® 700 is either pan next to the lapped edge ribs.


Prior to laying sheets ensure that the tops of the purlins or battens are all in one plane by packing or easing between purlin and supports.

Sheet Fixing

The profile of METLOK® 700 consists of four 4 ribs connected by three 3 intermediate pans. The female rib is fitted over the top of the male rib and securely clips into position.

Specially designed clips are used to secure the METLOK® 700 sheeting down onto the supports. Each clip has three 3 legs, two long and one short clips which correspond to the centre and female ribs of the METLOK® 700 sheeting.

The clip allows the installers a slight amount of bracket “creep” to accommodate out of square buildings or other installer requirements. Clips are packed on their side to facilitate easier handling out of box. To determine the number of clips required, install one clip per batten/purlin per sheet plus clips to start and finish laying.


For Timber (F11 or Better)
Type 17 No.12 x 25mm Hex Head screws

Steel Supports
Fix metal purlins and battens to a maximum of 3.5mm with Teks® 12 x 30mm Hex Head screws

Fastening Sheets to Supports

METLOK® 700 may be crest fixed to timber or steel roofing or walling supports, or valley fixed to steel supports or timber walling supports. Fasteners need to be located at greater than 25mm from ends of sheets.

Stop Ending

For roof pitches below 15°, turn the pans at the top of sheets up 90° using a turn-up tool. This prevents the entry of water that has been driven by the wind beneath the flashing.


For roof pitches below 15°, turn the pans at the bottom of the sheets down at 30° using a turn-down tool to prevent water running back along the underside of the sheet.


The triangular shape sheets need to be laid in such a manner that the approved side lap faces away from the prevailing winds. A minimum of 50mm needs to be provided for projection into gutters.

Flashings need to be provided in compatible material as specified and minimum cover for flashings needs to be 150mm. All debris and waste products including nuts, screws, cuttings and fillings need to be cleaned off daily.

COLORBOND® steel and ZINCALUME® steel are registered trademarks of BlueScope Steel Limited.

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