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Roofing & cladding » Mini Corodek® Installation Hints


Decorative Sheeting
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Click here to download MINI CORODEK® Technical Specs PDF

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Metroll can supply MINI CORODEK® COLORBOND® steel or ZINCALUME® steel sheeting cut to customer specified lengths up to 6m.

Lengths to be manufactured need to be from site measurements, not those taken off plans. To prevent damage when lifting long lengths, ensure that the sheets are lifted with the use of multiple lift point spreader bars.

Handling of Material

When handling MINI CORODEK® care needs to be taken to preserve the quality of the sheet surfaces. Packs need to be kept dry and stored above ground level whilst on site. If the sheets become wet, these need to be separated, wiped and placed in the open air to dry.

Cutting Mini Corodek® Wall Cladding

MINI CORODEK® wall cladding can be cut by using tin snips or nibblers.

When COLORBOND® steel sheeting is cut ensure the coloured surface is place downwards to lessen the likelihood of swarf being embedded in the exposed surface.

For sealed joints use screws and neutral silicone sealant that are compatible for using with COLORBOND® steel, ZINCALUME® steel or galvanised steel.

Location of Fasteners at Supports

MINI CORODEK® may be fastened to timber or steel supports by valley fixing. There should be 11 fixings per sheet at end supports at 6 fixings per sheet at intermediate supports.

MINI CORODEK® has a 2 corrugation lap similar to CORODEK® and can be fixed with the small corrugations running either horizontally or vertically. If fixing horizontally start at the bottom of the wall so the upper sheet overlaps the one below it.

If it is necessary to have end laps due to excessively long runs, please allow maximum end laps of 100mm and seal the end laps with suitable sealant. Always face side laps away from the direction of the prevailing weather.


Softwood & Hardwood Timber Supports
M4.8 - 16 x 25mm Ripple Zips®

Steel Supports up to 1.2mm thick
M4.8 - 16 x 25mm Ripple Zips®


Prior to departing the work site each day, remove all foreign debris, screws rivets and especially any swarf from drilling or cutting from sheeting. Failure to do this may result in premature corrosion of the sheeting.

Material Compatibility

Lead, copper, bare metal and chemically treated timbers are not compatible with MINI CORODEK®. Avoid using lead flashings with ZINCALUME® steel, COLORBOND® steel or galvanised steel MINI CORODEK® cladding.


MINI CORODEK® wall cladding can be roll formed to order in ZINCALUME® steel, galvanised steel or COLORBOND® steel colours. Please enquire at your local branch as to colours, lead time and availability.

Harsh Environments

If you intend to use MINI CORODEK® roof sheeting within 1km of industrial, chemical, marine or unusually corrosive environments, please contact your closest Metroll office for advice on the right product to use and refer to appropriate BlueScope® Steel Technical Bulletins.

Non-Cyclonic Areas

The MINI CORODEK® information is suitable for use only in the non cyclonic areas of Australia. For the cyclonic areas of Western Australia, Northern Territory and Queensland please contact your nearest Metroll office.

Design & Building Specifications

MINI CORODEK® should be fixed in a workmanlike manner and in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Base sheet steel shall be
G550/ AZ150 with specified finish.


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